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Tobbs’ Commitment to Local Artistry and Sustainability

At the core of Tobbs’ ethos is a profound dedication to ethical fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Our collaboration with artisans in the Gambia and Senegal transcends mere business; it’s a partnership based on mutual respect and a shared vision for a better future.

The Art of Vegetable Tanning: A Sustainable Approach

One of Tobbs bags’ defining features is the use of locally tanned leather through vegetable tanning. This traditional method is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical tanning.

Fresh Neem fruit on tree with leaf on nature background. A leaves of neem tree and fruits growing natural medicinal. Azadirachta indica,neem, nimtree or Indian lilac,mahogany family Meliaceae
Fresh Neem fruit on tree with leaf on nature background. A leaves of neem tree and fruits growing natural medicinal. Azadirachta indica,neem, nimtree or Indian lilac,mahogany family Meliaceae

Delving Deeper into Vegetable Tanning

Vegetable tanning is an ancient and natural process using organic materials, primarily tree bark and leaves, like the neem leaf tree used by Tobbs. This process is significantly more environmentally friendly and sustainable than chemical tanning, which relies on heavy metals like chromium.

The Steps of Vegetable Tanning:

  1. Preparation: The leather is prepared with natural tannins found in plant materials. This involves soaking the hides in a tannin solution.
  2. Tanning: Hides are then immersed in a tanning liquor containing neem leaves. The tannins from these leaves slowly penetrate the hides, transforming them into durable leather.
  3. Drying and Finishing: Once tanned, the leather is carefully dried and finished. The final product is a leather that is not only durable and strong but also has a unique, natural color that ages beautifully over time.

This method is also kinder to the environment, as it avoids the use of harmful chemicals. It’s a slower process but ensures each piece of leather is imbued with quality and care.

Supporting Women in Leather Processing: A Step Towards Gender Equality

Tobbs is dedicated to the empowerment of women, particularly those who manually process the majority of our leather. This endeavor goes beyond job creation; it’s about giving these women a platform to display their skills, attain financial independence, and challenge gender norms in their communities.

Enabling Local Artisans: Preserving Tradition, Building Futures

By collaborating directly with local artisans, Tobbs doesn’t just create bags; we help preserve a rich cultural heritage. Our artisans’ traditional skills are essential to the authenticity and quality of our products. In supporting them, we ensure these traditions flourish and continue.

Beyond Bags: Tobb⭑s’ Vision for a Sustainable and Empowering Future

Our partnership with local artisans and women mirrors our broader vision: crafting a fashion industry that is sustainable, ethical, and empowering. Each Tobbs bag is a narrative of this vision, proving that fashion can be both stylish and socially responsible.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Choosing a Tobbs bag means more than just owning a high-quality, stylish accessory. It’s supporting a movement towards sustainable fashion, empowering women, and preserving the artistry of local communities in Gambia and Senegal.

About Tobbs

Tobbs stands as more than just a fashion brand; we are a beacon of hope and change. Our bags embody our commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and the empowerment of artisans and women.

Join our journey. Embrace fashion that empowers. Explore our collection and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world with every purchase.

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