Production Process:

Bags: we work directly with Artisans in the Gambia & Senegal and buy locally tanned leather through a process called vegetable tanning using the neem leaf tree while supporting a group of women that manually process the majority of the leather used to produce our bags. Our aim is to enable the local artisans and empower working women.

Clothing: we work with a local tailor to ensure that each individual outfit is made with full detail to the individual and packaged with love.

Product Care:

Clothing- care description coming soon. 

Caring for your Tobbs bags:

The leather can be cleaned with soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with water applied in a circular motion. Once the dirt has been lifted be sure to wipe down the entire bag quickly to avoid getting water on the statement fabric. Then apply one drop of coconut oil to maintain texture and rub in circular motion on the leather only.  

Never immerse your handbag in water. Keep it from direct sunlight and protect it from inclement weather.

Due to the delicate nature or pieces, surface abrasion may occur with everyday use, so please be gentle. Some of our handbags are richly dyed so care should be taken when worn with lightly colored items. 

Best to keep your bag in a storage sack.