Empowering Artisans and Women: Ethical Journey in Bag Making

closeup texture of vegetable tanned leather, raw material for leather working

Tobb⭑s’ Commitment to Local Artistry and Sustainability At the core of Tobb⭑s’ ethos is a profound dedication to ethical fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Our collaboration with artisans in the Gambia and Senegal transcends mere business; it’s a partnership based on mutual respect and a shared vision for a better future. The Art of Vegetable Tanning: […]

Embrace Your Royal Style with the Lingeer Satchel: A Tribute to Wolof Heritage

At the heart of Tobb⭑s’ collection is the Lingeer Large Satchel, a symbol of elegance and authority. The name ‘Lingeer’ is steeped in the history of the Wolof people, a major ethnic group in Senegal, Gambia, and Mauritania. In the Wolof language, ‘Lingeer’ translates to ‘queen,’ reflecting a deep respect for feminine power and grace in Wolof culture.