Meet Our Founder

Our founder and creative director Dr. Kardie Tobb is a physician (a Cardiologist), in her medical practice she advocates for optimal health care in all women, and promotes the empowerment of women. Dr. Tobb believes that a lady’s authentic individualized style can help her create her own oasis.  As a professional contemporary woman, she embraces her heritage and has incorporated African style and design in everyday wear. As a little girl, she was drawn to fashion and design which led her to sketch and make dresses for her dolls with pieces she would gather from the local tailor shops. This relentless passion for creative fashion design continued through adulthood where she would draw out her own outfit to be made as she proudly shared her culture with friends and colleagues through her clothing. Her enthusiasm for sharing more of her heritage through authenticity and unique style was the driver for her creative design of leather bags with an African touch (a statement piece of fabric) which is intended to bring glam to every contemporary woman. For our founder, fashion symbolizes much more than just clothing or accessories. She believes it reflects cultural, social and personal identity, as well as values and beliefs.

Our Pledge

Tobbs focuses on high-quality, modern style handbags and clothing with an African touch. Our products are handcrafted in Gambia and Senegal. Our Mud Cloth cotton fabric traditionally known as Bogolan is handmade organic cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud from natural dyes which has an important place in African culture. 

For our bags we use the best natural leathers while adopting a no-waste approach.  All of our products are created in styles that maintain the core of African fashion and style characterized by bright exuberant colors.

Each product is made individually as ordered. Due to the use of natural materials, no two pieces are the same. Slight variations in color and patterns should be celebrated as they add unique character to handcrafted pieces. 

The Tobbs brand prides itself on being authentic. We are committed to high standards of style and integrity. We use methods that will sustain the process of natural leather making via a process called Vegetable Tanning. The assembling process is then passed on to the artisan and handcrafted with the most precious secret ingredient “LOVE”. 

To all our consumers – You Are a Star. Our products are made for you. As a Tobbs “STAR” you have embraced your inner style. Now let us be on the journey with you as you unleash your timeless elegance.  As our creative designer and founder will say “Fashion is ageless, every woman should free her uniqueness creating her style that makes her a STAR.